English pronunciation

Whether you want to develop British accent, American accent, or global neutral accent, the first step is to build a foundation in basic correct English pronunciation with proper sounds, stress and intonation.

You can freely download English pronunciation audio (mp3) and the ebook (pdf) files for your personal use.

Please visit esl.wordzila.com for free PDF and MP3 downloads.
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devendrappaji said...

It is very good for English language to all age.

Anonymous said...

I couldn´t download the pdf (the mp3, yes) of "English pronunciation practice". How do I do?

Anonymous said...

I couldn´t download the pdf (the mp3, yes) of "English pronunciation practice". How do I do?

kantaonline said...

It's working fine here. I just downloaded it. Maybe the server was down when you tried to download. Try again a few times.

Anonymous said...

No puedo descargar Pronunciation Practice PDF, porque me dice el programa Adobe Reader que el archivo esta dañado, por fa, reviselo, gracias

Alex Watson said...

An excellent resource, thanks very much - I teach English to Germans and it has been very helpful.

donald ukponu said...

HI there,
Thanks for sharing.Every day we learn new things :)

rawan said...

Hi :)
I have just download it and im so excited to learn more about pronouncing the words correctly ;)
Thank you for helping..

Rory Henning said...


What a great resource you have here, I'll be recommending this to all my foreign friends who are learning English.

Congratulations and keep up the good work.



rahyal said...

nice post keep it up

Fuad Mohamed said...

Thank you so much for your help in making these important ebooks, and I can’t describe you how it’s helpful for me.

English Update said...

very good

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this nice post. There are many people who suffer from English pronunciation.There are different ways through which they can Improve English pronunciation . It is very important to choose the correct type of method.

Calvin Brock said...

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Abdullah Shaghi said...

very good

nancy john said...

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bob morrison said...

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martha victor said...

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sheyla perdomo blanco said...

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Prakash Raghav said...

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